Trollheimen’s Norse Ari, CGC, RE, GN, RATM, HCT-s, FDCh-S, & MBDX! Ari is a too-tall Norwegian Buhund, a northern breed, spitz and herding dog. Try training that combination. His flyball debut occurred at the DGF Winter Wuffest XIII 2014 in Raleigh where he was only scheduled to warm up, but ran in the last three heats of the day to earn 15 points (the first buhund in NAFA). Ari may not be fast but he plays well with others and makes a great back-up dog.  

An all-around farm dog, Ari excels at barn hunt and has started herding. He does obedience because mom wants him to, but prefers tracking and noseworks which we are saving for when one of us slows down.

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