Team Dogs


Bizzi Havin Fun, better known as Bizzi, is a black and white Border Collie born Oct 27, 2002.  Bizzi went to his first tournament in Jan 04 and earned his first titles.  This past May '09 he earned the title of Flyball Grand Champion (FGDCh).  His fastest time is 4.294 seconds and was earned this spring.  Bizzi has been ball crazy since he was a pup, and when he found out that there was a box that dispensed tennis balls he was hooked!  Now, if he could only figure out how to combine flyball with sheep herding he would be the happiest dog in the world!

After playing flyball for 10 years and earning his Iron Dog title I decided it was time for him to  retire.  Bizzi started playing flyball in Jan. 2003 in Raleigh at the Winter Wuffest, and, Jan 2013 in Raleigh at the Winter Wuffest he earned his last point.  What a better way to retire then at the place you started.  He has had 10 years of fun, competition, wonderful teammates and best of all that ball coming out of that wonderful box at the end of the lane.   So instead of running the lanes to get that ball, he will be a dog of leisure enjoying a daily game of ball at home with his canine family.

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