Blacksburg November, 2011

At the flyball tournament in Blacksbug, Virginia in November 2011, First in Flight was earning a lot of titles.  Thanks to a team member with a nifty video camera, we got a lot of racing video from this tournament, including title earning heats.  Although we earned a lot of titles, this was a trying tournament where we were dropping dogs left and right for one reason or another.  Through the unexpected downfalls, we proved what a versatile and cooperative team we are, as dogs - and handlers!! - were thrown into positions they had never been in before and pulled through with flying colors!   Hince the many different lineups shown in the following videos!  

Flye, Duffie, Maddie, Moose 

Box Work:  Flye, Duffie, Maddie, Moose 

Passes:  Flye, Duffie, Maddie, Moose 

Misty, Charlie, Tara, Kessie:   This is also the race Kessie earned her FMX 10K.  For anyone who doesn't know Kessie's story, there were many people who never though Kessie would be a successful flyball dog.  Just look at her now! 

 Misty, Charlie, Tara, Kessie:  This is also the race where Charlie earns his FGDCh 30K securing his spot as a Top 10 Point Earning Cocker Spaniel of all time!  Way to go, Charlie! 

Caynaa, Maddie, Ri-Ra, Moose:  This is also the race where Caynaa earned her ONYX 20K.  Super exciting since her mom thought she was ready to retire last year.  A change in feeding habits not only brought on a racing comeback, but also brought on much faster times!  Who knew fat dogs couldn't run fast?   

 Caynaa, Moose, Ri-Ra, Roxy.  (Personally, i like to watch the pass caller on this one.)

Caynaa, Maddie, Ri-Ra, Moose 

 This is Tasha and Dave.  Tasha is a 16 year old (yes, 16 YEARS OLD!!) spaniel mix who has started playing flyball to keep up with her younger siblings. She has a hard time seeing and hearing (her mom says her nose is the only thing that still works!) but Tasha is seen here sporting her Debut ribbon.  It's interesting to watch:  She only uses yellow and orange balls and Dave wears a florescent safety vest so she can see where to return to him, and it's a group effort calling her back so she can hear! We don't know what the official record is, but we believe she has got to be the oldest dog ever to make a successful flyball debut.

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