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Blacksburg Stats - 11-2011

Posted by Lindsey Winstead on Saturday, November 19, 2011,

Dog         Jump           Fastest              Average                    Best             Average                 Points
              Height             Time                Time                      Start               Start ...
Annie 11 5.091 5.384 0.007 0.146 360
Bizzi 7 5.465 5.465 5
Caynaa 7 4.414 4.612 0.059 0.161
Caynaa 11 4.542 4.688 0.057 0.114 710
Charlie 11 6.301 6.754 970
Duffie 7 5.552 6.159 284

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Blacksburg Wrap-Ups from Donna and Sharon - 11-2011

Posted by Lindsey Winstead on Thursday, November 17, 2011,
Hopefully everyone has made it home safely from a successful weekend in Blacksburg. I missed being there today and hope everyone reached their goals and earned lots of points. I can only speak for Saturday (I'll let Sharon post for Sunday) but I want to say how much I appreciate everyone coming together as a team on Saturday when we found ourselves short dogs or struggling to make the lineups work. It was true teamwork at it's finest and we managed to recoup some of our losses in points and p...
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Shelby Wrap-Up and Points from Donna - 10-2011

Posted by Lindsey Winstead on Thursday, November 17, 2011,
What a GREAT weekend! Thanks to everyone for making it so. The weather was beautiful! This was a good site, plenty of crating space, fabulous racing, and good company with friends. We missed everyone who couldn't make it. Hope your weekends were enjoyable and successful as well. Nanci, we hope your are feeling much better.

Both our Regular Division and Open teams did very well!

Our regular division team made a foray into division one and didn't do too shabby at all! This division had 5 teams,...
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Raleigh Wrap-Up and Stats from Donna - 09-2011

Posted by Lindsey Winstead on Thursday, November 17, 2011,
Thanks to everyone for making the trek to Raleigh this weekend. This is the tournament where we usually have every active dog on the team choose to participate and this weekend was no exception. We were busy, busy, busy with four teams. A HUGE thanks to everyone for pitching in. It went fairly smoothly with so many helping hands, even when we had to do multiple jump height sets for warmups. Thanks to Nanci for the wonderful lunch spread both days. It was perfect. I thought we might have to se...
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