What a fun, successful weekend we had! To begin with, the weather was gorgeous - a little windy perhaps, but gorgeous nontheless. The tent shifted in the wind and turned over the food table only once, and since the five second rule applied Becky was able to save almost everything.

Racing went really well both days with no major problems and relatively few flags. Both teams placed; Full Throttle finished third and Flyers was first, winning 31 out of 42 heats. We were also able to finish five new titles. A big congratulations to Charlie and Robin for completing his ONYX. Congratulations also to the following:

Annie - FDCH-S
Misty - FMX
Sampsyn - FDX
Flye - FMX

We enjoyed having Todd and Nut race with us again. They did a great job and were a pleasure to have as a part of our team. We also had a lot of fun with Anna, who for the first time spent the whole weekend with us and easily managed to charm everyone she met.

Many thanks to Sharon for some well planned lineups.Thanks also to Nanci for the wonderful food (especially the pasta salad!) and to everyone else for their contributions to our sandwich lunches and to a great weekend overall.