I want to begin this email wrapup by expressing my sincere condolences to Lindsey and her family on the loss of her father. The team was saddened by the news, and our thoughts were with you this weekend. Many others also asked about you and asked us to send along their thoughts and prayers. Your facebook posting was a well written tribute to your father. I'm sure he will be missed by many.

We missed all of you that were unable to join us this weekend. It was somewhat strange (and restful) to have only two teams at this tournament. We finished our last race around noon today, and rather than hang around for another 3 hours, we deided to cut our early and head home. It was great getting home so early. Dinner done, laundry done, and stats done!

Thanks to everyone for all your hard work this weekend. Rollie and Tracy were awesome boxloaders. Thanks to Nanci for providing Roxy as backup for the Flyers team all weekend. And for the wonderful food spread. The turkey alfredo was divine! Thanks to everyone else for pitching in where needed, whenever needed.

Both teams did very, very well this weekend. Flyers placed First with some close competition in their division. They won all their races (and all but 5 out of 40 heats). I'm not sure where Stuff placed, as not enough stickers were posted when we left to determine our potential placement, but I expect either Second or Third place. They had the occasional bobble or overpass but still won 6 of 9 races. Both teams did very well in the points department as well, as you can see by the stats which are attached.

No titles earned this weekend, but lots of progress made towards the next ones. Jasmine looked great in the warmups. Much more confident this weekend, and lots and lots of energy and drive! And Moose ran very well for a me, a different handler than she's used to, although I'm sure she missed Mike. What a great little dog that can adjust and run for anybody. She was a lot of fun to run.

Stats are below. Hope everyone is safe at home by now and that good news is forthcoming from the Parkers that FIF hit the motherload in the raffle. Dave and Becky agreed to stay to the end and to check our raffle tickets for winning stubs. I'll see everyone of Friday.


Dog Height Best Time Average Time Best Start Average Start Points 
Annie 11 5.120 5.486 936
Bizzi 7 5.256 5.449 80
Charlie 11 6.039 6.499 936
Duffie 7 6.201 6.957 815
Flye 11 4.244 4.374 0.002 0.068 936
Kessie 7 4.425 4.831 735
Misty 7 4.646 4.839 0.011 0.071 815
Moose 7 5.874 6.182 815
Ri-Ra 11 4.698 4.890 936