I wanted to thank all who attended the Blacksburg tournament this weekend. Our Regular Division 2 team ran very smoothly together in a tightly seeded division. We had only a bobble here and there and a couple of overpasses. Other than that, the team ran like a well-oiled machine, netting 831 points for a fulltime slot and taking away first place. Moose ran with Heads or Tails and earned a second place ribbon and 762 points. She ran like a little machine all weekend, making some incredible dives on occasion for bobbled balls. HOT was very appreciative of their borrowed height dog. 
We missed all of you who were unable to attend. It was rather strange only running one FIF team. Thanks to all who came up to support us and cheer us on, even when you had no dog running. Nanci and Tracy joined us on Saturday, bringing lunch and providing us with a ballshagger and pass caller. And Sharon and Laura joined us on Sunday. Although we didn't get lunch :-) we appreciate you calling passes and shagging. And we enjoyed the company both days. 
Congratulations go to Stephanie and Tara on your FMCH. 
Kudos also to Lynn for managing a no-stress, smooth rerun with Gal without stressing out either one of you. :-) And for running naked. Gal that is. I saw some nice times in the stat sheets. I think maybe Gal likes to feel the wind in her hair.
I will post stats when I'm able. Possibly tomorrow.
Just a reminder that I will not be at practice this Friday. But I will think about you from Myrtle Beach :-) Sharon will be coordinating everything. The box is already back at the building along with ribbons and prizes for those who didn't receive them. Have a great week!

Dog Height Best Time Average Time Best Start Average Start Points 
Annie 10 5.441 5.681 831
Flye 10 4.321 4.460 0.003 0.086 831
Gal 10 5.080 5.490 831
Maddie 10 5.427 5.582 325
Moose 7 5.799 6.038 762
Tara 10 5.014 5.651 506