Hope everyone has made it home safely from Blacksburg. For those who were not able to join us this weekend, we missed you. The weather was beautiful and sunny even if chilly in the mornings. It was a great weekend for flyball. And I especially always like the Blacksburg venue.

Both Flyers and Full Throttle ran very well this weekend. BOTH teams placed FIRST. And best of all, the ribbons and placements were right this time! Flyers won all of their races and almost all of their heats (37 of 42). Full Throttle won 9 out of 10 of their races. Everyone worked really well together, and the dogs ran pretty smoothly for the most part. Flyers racked up on points, and Full Throttle didn't do too bad either.

Thanks to everyone who pitched in to help. We were pressed to have enough people this time, but every job was always covered. There were no breaks this time for anyone. Either you were running a dog, or doing a job, when FIF was up. Special thanks to our boxloaders Cathy and Lynn. Lynn made her debut as boxloader this weekend and did a very good job of it. It's not as easy as it looks!

Congratulations to our title earners: Gal and Lynn on your FDX, Kessie and Sharon on your FM, Annie on her FM, and Rosie on her FMX!

I can't say thank you enough for everyone helping to make Rosie's FMX happen this weekend. I wanted this to be her last tournament and we couldn't have done it without the help of Duffie and Bizzi, who both donated a heat or three so Rosie could finish out her title. Rosie's last scheduled race today left us with 9,999 points! ONE point short! So we picked up one more heat to finish it out. Thank you Sharon and Dave for your generosity. Blacksburg is where Rosie began her racing in 2006 and it was fitting that she retire there. For a dog that in the beginning I never thought would be able to actually play flyball, 10K points is a great accomplishment. We began flyball class solely as a confidence builder. Rosie has had a great time playing the last 4.5 years. Sometimes too good of a time! Thanks to EVERYONE who has shared a team with her and helped us to reach this moment. Rosie and I will be providing a retirement cake this Friday at flyball practice. So come hungry, or at least with a sweet tooth.

Dog Height Best Time Average Time Best Start Average Start
Annie 11 5.210 5.512
Bizzi 8 4.643 4.932
Charlie 11 6.274 6.679
Duffie 8 6.086 6.538
Flye 8 3.983 4.164 0.006 0.069
Gal 11 5.665 5.785
Kessie 8 4.547 4.659
Kessie 11 4.393 4.848
Misty 11 4.833 5.061 0.002 0.077
Rosie 8 5.862 6.161
Sampsyn 8 5.509 5.858