Hope everyone from the Blacksburg contingent has made it home safely. We missed all of you who couldn't make it.

The weather was a bit "breezy" and wet on Saturday and we were grateful for the indoor crating. Today was sunny and clear, and the wind kept the temps down. The dogs ran well. Blacksburg is one of my favorite venues, minus the almost always harrowing drive up :-) If it's not pouring rain, it's fog or icy temps. Or some combination of those.

Our Open Team, Full Throttle did very well, winning all of their races and placing First. We had some tight competition in a couple of races. The dogs ran almost flawlessly and racked up some major points as well. Only two overpasses kept us from a perfect weekend.

The Regular Team, Wright Flyers, who ended up in Divison One placed fourth as expected, but had some very respectable racing considering our competition. At the end of the day on Sunday, with only one race to go for all the teams, only a two point spread separated the teams in contention for Second, Third, and Fourth. We had bobbles here and there for all the dogs throughout the weekend, and by the last race on Sunday, the dogs were tired. It seemed they were putting their paws in the ring everytime we turned around. Even with tired dogs and some errors, everyone still managed a nice sum total of points for the weekend.

Congratulations go to Cathy and Flye for her FMCH! And congratulations to Dave and Tasha on earning her first five points! Gal and Lynn came close to their FDCH-g but didn't quite make it. However, she did pick up my challenge to break 5 seconds, and turned in a 4.855 (with a pass) on Saturday and clocked a 4.760 with a rerun.So congratulations on your new best times!

Thanks to everyone for pitching in and helping where needed. Special thanks to Tracy and Nanci for all your help on Saturday. We enjoyed your company, your cookies, and your help. You were missed on Sunday. Thanks to everyone else for doing whatever was necessary.

Cathy and Robin both won a couple of raffle prizes. No winnings for anyone else.

Dog                           Jump Height             Fastest Time                Average Time            Points
                                                                                                     (Fastest Start  &  Avg Start)
Annie 11 5.169 5.468 951
Charlie 11 6.225 6.549 951
Duffie 8 5.510 6.496 736
Flye 8 3.973 4.295 0.013 0.064 741
Gal 8 4.855 5.224 741
Misty 11 4.582 4.864 0.005 0.067 951
RiRa 11 4.773 5.185 951
Sampsyn 8 5.342 5.635 741
Tasha 8 7.810 7.958 5