THANKS to everyone for an enjoyable weekend of flyball! It was incredibly HOT! Probably one of the hottest tournaments I remember in a long time. The heat took it's toll on dogs but they gave their best anyway. All three teams took 2nd place in their division, and all 3 teams garnered over 700 points each. Not bad considering the temperature and that Saturday had it's moments when things were a bit discombobulated for every team! But in general, every team, every lineup, turned in a solid performance.

Thanks to everyone for making it happen. Special thanks to boxloaders Mike, Rollie, and Cam. And a HUGE thank you to awesome passcallers Lee and Darlene. I saw major improvement in passing with your patient coaching. Thanks Nanci for the delicious lunch everyday. You always put so much work into our meals and it does not go unnoticed nor unappreciated.

Congratulations to Tara and Stephanie on acheiving her FMX! Sampsyn almost made it to his FM but was a few points short.

Moose was a bit overwhelmed on Saturday with everything. She was very concerned about the other lane after being chased by a BC warming up in the other lane while she was practicing, but pulled it together to earn 10 points in the final race on Saturday. She's going to be a great little height dog. She just needs a bit more confidence and experience.

Congratulations to Nanci and Roxy on making your re-debut! Roxy is looking good and I for one was happy to see that last overpass with Roxy on her last heat. She did it without hesitation or concern.

Despite the heat, we had some dogs to set new personal best times. Congratulations to Lindsey and Caynaa, who ran a 4.376 in the first race on Saturday, Lee and Gus who ran a 4.561 towards the end of the day on Saturday, and Annie, who ran a 4.951 in today's second race.

We also set a new team Multibreed record. Our new OFFICIAL record is 20.307, beating the previous Multibreed record of 20.38 set in 2003. This team consisted of Caynaa, Sampsyn, Annie, and Gus. This team actually ran a 20.121 today, but the heat was discounted when the timers in the other lane malfunctioned. If this had been counted it would have been FIF's best total time to date, breaking a 20.21 set in the regular division in 2001. I'd like to see First in Flight break 20 seconds and put us in the 19 second category. Maybe next time!

Dog Height Best Time Average Time Best Start Average Start
Annie 8 4.951 5.373
Caynaa 8 4.376 4.683 0.000 0.108
Charlie 11 6.274 6.598
Charlie 7 6.033 6.084
Duffie 10 5.817 6.351
Flye 10 4.121 4.285 0.001 0.082
Gal 10 5.055 5.570
Gus 8 4.561 5.122
Maddie 10 5.403 5.674
Misty 11 4.549 4.910 0.006 0.056
Misty 7 4.673 4.738
Moose 7 no data no data
Ri-Ra 11 4.707 4.980
Ri-Ra 7 4.660 4.858  
Roxy 10 6.110 6.730
Sampsyn 8 5.452 5.822
Sydney 10 5.452 5.808
Tara 11 5.553 6.086