Hopefully everyone has made it home safely from a successful weekend in Blacksburg. I missed being there today and hope everyone reached their goals and earned lots of points. I can only speak for Saturday (I'll let Sharon post for Sunday) but I want to say how much I appreciate everyone coming together as a team on Saturday when we found ourselves short dogs or struggling to make the lineups work. It was true teamwork at it's finest and we managed to recoup some of our losses in points and placements as Saturday wore on. Thanks to EVERYONE and EVERYDOG for doing your part to make it happen. Congratulations to everyone who earned a title this weekend:

Caynaa and Lindsey on their ONYX, Charlie and Robin on their FDGCH, Moose and Mike and Susan on their FDCH, and Kessie and Sharon on their FMX. I hope I haven't missed anyone.

Thanks to Nanci and Tracy for the wonderful food spread. I hate that I missed the chicken chili today. It's one of my favorite dishes of all the wonderful things that Nanci makes for us.

Thanks to everyone who managed to bring my things home with them. I'll round them all up on Friday.

My sincere apologies for not making it back today. There is no way that Annie could have raced today. She's been one sick puppy since about 2am. Lots of vomiting (no diarrhea), no energy, and no interest in food this morning at breakfast time. For those of you who know Annie, that was my first indication that things were more serious than just an upset tummy this morning. She looked pretty miserable for the largest part of the day. Hopefully it's just a bit of upset stomach and nothing contagious. She seems to be somewhat improved this evening. She did manage to keep down a small amount of her bland dinner on her second try this evening and seems a bit more energetic so hopefully things will only get better from here.

Glad everyone made it home safely. That turned out to be one long weekend, long but good. Congratulations to all the new titles. And even with all the changes Flyers got a first and Stuff a second place finish. Nanci's food was wonderful as always and Tracy your chili was good but you know how I feel about deer, sorry that I could not enjoy it as much as everyone else.
I hope Annie feels better quickly. Donna you were missed along with Annie and I am sure, no I know sitting up at 5 in the morning redoing schedules and reassigning jobs was not an easy job. When you called me at 5:30 I first thought it was Nanci, so was surprised when I saw it was Donna. And I will add to how great this team is. When I told everyone you were not going to be there, everyone was concerned at first, but then everyone jumped in to do what was needed. It just proves what great people we have on this team. We are there for each other. This is the true meaning of teamwork.
Lynn you were missed. Gal was a trooper and she tried, but missed mom just to much. Down the road that may change as she gets a little more seasoning. I just think she was just a bit too green to go it alone. And she was well taken care of, she had a lot of caregivers this weekend.
I also want to thank Cathy for giving up that one heat yesterday so Bizzi could run. Also want to appoligize to my teammates for costing you 20 points for one terrible start. If I had stepped out of the lane and let him do it by himself I am positive you would have gotten 25 points. He was happy and left with his tail over his back and a smile on his face, so I am happy.
I did find it interesting though that the titles for 10,000, 20,000 and 30,000 points were won this weekend. Just think about all the tournaments involved in those quests for points.
I am enclosing the points earned yesterday, stats will have to wait until I can get the sheets to Donna. I do believe Moose could have won another title.