I hope everyone has made it home safely after an enjoyable weekend of flyball. Beautiful weather and sunny dispositions make for the best weekends. Thanks to everyone for such a great time.

I really like the venue. Close to home, ample room, and plenty cool enough once we found some trees to park under today. And the inside racing area seemed to stay comfortable for the most part as well. I really missed our normal food spread, but, in hindsight, eating concession food on Saturday was the best choice. We seemed to be constantly in the ring with very little down time.

Thanks to everyone who pitched in and helped. All the jobs were covered and most times we had extra people left to cheer the teams on. Special thanks to our boxloaders, Mike and Cam. You do such a great job that sometimes we forget what a stressful and difficult task boxloading can sometimes be. Whatever changes we threw your way, you always seemed ready for us.

Special thanks also to Cathy and Susan,who made the trip even though they didn't have a dog to run. We always enjoy your company, with or without the dog! Hopefully Flye will be ready to race again soon. Darlene, be sure to pass along our thanks to Heide for doing such an awesome job of handling Gus. She's a great handler. Let Lee know that he was missed as well, but we hope his family time was enjoyable.

Congratulations to Doug and Ri-Ra on reaching 30,000 points and earning your FDGCH! What a great accomplishment and milestone.

Congratulations to Lynn and Gal an earning your FDCH-g! Gal is looking great and getting better and better every tournament.

All the teams did well in the points department. The teams were consistent and all the dogs ran very well. We may not have placed First in any division, but we held our own and provided some good tough competition at times. Everyone have a great week!

Dog Jump Height Fastest Time Average Time Fastest Start Avg Start
Annie 8 5.467 5.575
Annie 10 5.279 5.773
Bizzi 8 4.763 5.045 0.007 0.196
Caynaa 8 4.533 4.831 0.021 0.172
Charlie 11 6.282 6.485
Duffie 10 5.397 5.951
Gas 10 5.157 5.382
Gus 8 4.653 4.975
Kessie 8 4.447 4.842
Kessie 11 4.56 4.933
Maddie 8 5.224 5.613
Misty 10 4.563 4.849 0.001 0.063
Misty 11 4.584 4.852 0.013 0.075
RiRa 10 4.549 4.703 0.001 0.176
RiRa 8 4.737 5.064
Sampsyn 8 5.4 5.762
Sydney 8 5.325 5.706
Tammi 8 5.995 6.642
Tara 11 5.286 5.708