THANKS to everyone for a great weekend of flyball and friends. The weather was beautiful, if a bit warm, and the company was great. We had a very successful weekend thanks to everyone's efforts. Special thanks to our boxloaders Cam, Mike, Stephanie, Tim, and Tracy. Thanks to everyone else who pitched in everywhere else, from stats to ballshagging, to passes, to jump setting, to helping with warmups and green dogs. You make my job easier when I know I can count on your help with a smile.

Thanks to Nanci who made the trip to feed us both days. But more importantly just because we enjoy your company. Yancee looked good in his first warmups.

Thanks to Dee and Twig for joining us for yet another tournament. We couldn't ask for a better borrowed height dog. Consistent, reliable, and fast!

BIG congratulations to both our title earners this weekend!!!! Congratulations to Darlene and Sydney on your ONYX! I'm glad you earned this title in red, white, and blue! And Congratulations to Lynn and Gal on her FD! Gal made her debut and did very well despite Lynn's sudden surprise at finding herself in the lineup. She didn't even have time to get very nervous :-)

The regular division team, Wright Flyers, took First Place for the weekend. This team won 7 of 9 races, tied one, and only had one loss. They did a great job and ran well together.

The two open teams were in the same division, and we cleaned up with a First Place and a Second Place, claiming both top spots. Full Throttle won all 8 of their races and was a very cohesive team with only a minor bobble/mishap here and there. Hair Force Reserves got off to a rough start the first race on Saturday but quickly pulled it together to bring home the second place finish. There were some heartstopping passes with this team who ran well together. It was a lot of fun racing each other both days with some good-spirited banter and trash-talking. I think the dogs picked up on it too, as they all seemed to run especially well those two races.

Again, thanks to everyone for a great and successful weekend. I enjoyed spending it with every one of you.

Dog Height Best Time Average Time Best Start Average Start
Annie 8 5.434 5.677
Annie 11 5.731 5.863    
Bizzi 8 4.523 4.791 0.010 0.273
Caynaa 8 4.854 5.278 0.009 0.171
Charlie 11 6.351 6.689
Gal 11 5.350 5.804
Gus 8 4.581 5.123 0.088 0.372
Kessie 8 4.273 4.551
Kessie 11 4.440 4.753
Maddie 8 5.252 5.700
RiRa 8 4.473 4.881  
RiRa 11 4.368 4.549 0.02 0.129
Rosie 8 5.960 6.147
Sydney 8 5.494 6.025    
Tammie 8 6.381 6.822
Tara 11 5.506 6.062
Twig 8 5.373 5.718