Thank you to everyone for a great weekend! And what a beautiful weekend it was. Clear skies, sunny, and temps in the 70's. What a way to start the 2013 flyball year. May all the 2013 flyball weekends be just as beautiful. 2012 seemed to be the year of rain.
 We missed all who couldn't be there. The social aspect of this sport is part of it's appeal, and when you aren't there, you are missed. Thanks to everyone for helping out regardless of what was needed. There was always plenty of help in setting up for warmups and filling in whenever and wherever needed. Special thanks always goes to Nanci, who feeds and cares for us so well. The grilled cheese and potato soup were wonderful. Thanks to our boxloaders Cam and Rollie. Thanks to Tracy for helping out all weekend, even when it turned out you couldn't use the warmup spot for Jazz, who surprised Tracy by coming into season. And Happy Birthday to Stephanie, who turned 20 this weekend!
 We had four title winners weekend. Congratulations to Moose and Susan on her FMX, Gal and Lynn on her FMX, Minute and Nanci on her FDCH-silver, and Brie and Cam on her FDX. 
 Congratulations also to Bizzi and Sharon on making this weekend Bizzi's 10th year of playing, earning him the Iron Dog Award. This tournament is where Bizzi debuted and it's very fitting that this is the one he retired from.
 Now to recap the teams. Our Open 2 team, Full Throttle, got off to a rocky start in the second heat of the first race when Minute heard Julie's voice, who we happened to be racing (bad planning on my part). After that, Minute was determined to find Julie every singe race, even leaving the lanes on our second race in search of her. Julie graciously stepped in to help. She was in the lane with us every race after that, providing help and instructions to Nanci and helping to transition Minute from Julie to Nanci along the way. By the last race of the day Sunday, even though Julie was still in the lane, she was quiet and Minute was focusing in on Nanci on her runback. Minute is going to be a great asset to our team. She just needs a bit more time. The other dogs on this team also ran well. Ri-Ra, our start dog, was her usual rock solid self, who at almost 9 years old is still turning in times in the four's. Tara, not far behind in age, turned in a 4.945 in the first heat of the day. This is not far off of her best time recorded. Moose turned in a new personal best of 5.421. What a fun dog to run. Sampsyn looked awesome! He ran 13 flawless heats without any problems or issues at all, regardless of what ring or what lane we were in. And Bizzi enjoyed himself and came out happy both days with just a couple of heats here and there. This team managed to take 4th place in a division of 5 and earned fulltime dogs 591 points. Not bad considering the rocky start we got off too.
 Our Open 4 team, Experimental Aircraft, managed a First Place finish, with our borrowed height dog Mouse. Mouse was great addition to this team and ran very well. Hopefully they will join us again for some racing in the future. Eleven heats in, we lost fulltime Maddie to an injury. I know Stephanie was disappointed. Maddie has had a couple of rocky tournaments that last two tournaments, having also sustained an injury in the last one at Blacksburg. Hopefully Maddie's toe injuries will heal quickly so she can be back in the racing lanes soon. Misty was there as backup and ran this team and her own for the remainder of the weekend. We had to be careful of breakouts (and did breakout twice), but this team ran well. Cathy and Flye clocked a perfect start! And overall there was a lot less bobbling this tournament. Duffie ran very well. He was turning in some very nice times, including a new personal best of 5.202. I don't know what you were using for rewards, but Duffie sure liked it. And Yancee, who took Jazz's warmup spot, looked great in warmups! Each warmup he got better and better, doing some nice down and backs. We had a few bobbles and an overpass here and there, but the fulltime dogs on this team managed a very respectable 750 points.
 Our Regular Team, Wright Flyers, was in a division with a wide spread of seed times. We placed last even though we started out running fairly well. But through the course of the weekend, we lost a speed dog and our height dog. After the fourth race we lost Kessie, who tore her dew claw. And although she was still running with heart, you could tell she was in pain, so we pulled her. Flye and Misty filled in for the fifth race on Saturday. I believe it was also in the fourth race that Gal was chased in the warmups by a dog on the other team warming up. This dog meant business, but after a little effort on Lynn's part, Gal was able to overcome it and was back to business as usual within a heat or two. Then on Sunday, in the first race, we lost Gal due to injury. Hopefully this will be a minor injury and Gal will be on the mend soon. So, down two dogs, including a height dog, up to 13 inches we go. In hindsight, I'm grateful that most of these dogs had been running 13 inches at practice, as we didn't know if we had a third height dog until a couple of weeks ago. So that wall of jumps wasn't a big surprise for three of them, and they were somewhat condidtioned for it. Brie stepped in to fill start dog position. She handled the 13 inches like she'd been doing it all along. Cam managed some decent starts and Brie ran with focus. Of the 10 remaining heats, she only bobbled two and turned in some very nice times over the big jumps, with her best being a 5.183. Flye stepped up to second position and took the jumps every time even though she wasn't start dog. I think those wide passed probably helped. Even with a wide 25 foot pass, Flye was still running under 6 seconds! And by the second race over the big jumps, Brie was handling these huge running passes nicely. Annie stepped up to height dog. I was very proud of my little black dog. These big jumps didn't slow her down at all. She turned in some nice times. Her average over 10 was 5.524 and over 13 was 5.523, slightly faster than the 10 inches. Not that I want to jump 13! Misty handled the extra heights very well also. At first glance, I see very little difference in her times over this height, than previous tournaments where she didn't run start. We were holding passes for Brie, had a few bobbles and dropped balls here and there along with an overpass or two, but the fulltime dogs on this team earned 625 points. Not bad considering all that happened. 
 Special thanks to both Flye/Cathy and Misty/Becky. Both of these dogs ended up running double time on Sunday to cover the loss of our injured dogs and both ran with as much enthusiasm at the end of the day on Sunday as when they started on Saturday morning. 
I realize that this wrap-up is a bit long, but I wanted to take the time to acknowledge each and every dog on the team. Sometimes it's easy to forget that this is a team sport. We can't play this game without the others. Each dog brings their own strengths and weaknesses to the table, and as a team we come together to work with and support those things. So thanks to everyone for being team players this weekend, adjusting countless times through countless lineup changes, and for being supportive of your fellow team mates, whether running or injured. And for doing it with grace and a smile.