This is the first time in I don't know when that I made it home this early (5:00).  So nice.  Hope everyone made it home safely.
This was a very small tournament but oh so relaxing.  Even though we didn't get to sit down for very long at a  time since yesterday we helped NRR and today we helped them and PeAk.  In return they filled in for us too, so it was a very nice tournament.
Both today and yesterday Full Throttle placed 3rd.  Really not much to report.  The weather was great, even as hot as it got today the dogs did not seem to effected by it.  I would like to thank Robin for bringing the lunch meat, Doug for the bread and chips, Marsha for filling in with veggies and all the plates and essentials.  Cam and Stephanie for the "icky" lettuce.  Actually it was gourmet lettuce but Stephanie did not like it one bit and ate the lettuce that Robin brought.  Also Thank you Nanci for coming out today and bringing a few more things to make our lunch just that much better.  Also Susan who came out to support the team.  So nice to have such great teammates.  Bizzi would like to Thank Charlie for giving up a few heats over the weekend to sort of test the waters.  He was so happy, especially after he would see me handling some strange Border Collie that was not even on our team.  That is just not done in his eyes.  So when he got to run he was doubly excited and his times showed it.  Doug figured out the new start lights so he had some very good starts.  Stephanie did an excellent job box loading for NRR.  All and all I think we all did a great job.  Had a lot of fun, and the dogs got to run.  Perfect in their eyes.