What a great weekend to play flyball! Perfect weather, great racing, good food, and good friends. What could be better. Thanks to everyone who came out to play this weekend.

Huge congratulations to our title winners:

Flye and Cathy on their ONYX, Gus and Lee on their ONYX (wow! two in one weekend!), Roxy and Nanci on their FM, and Tammie and Marsha on their FMX!

Thanks to everyone who helped out wherever needed. Special recognition to our Moose runners, Mike and Lee. You both do such a great job with her. And special thanks to our boxloaders this weekend: Rollie, Cathy, and Cam. I know it's not always an easy job. Nanci: Thank you for the wonderful food spread both days! Everything was wonderful.

We missed those of you who could not join us this weekend or were unable to join us both days. Hope your Easter Holiday was a good one.

First in Flight started out strong on Saturday, all teams running smoothly, like a well-oiled machine. We garnered a First and Second Place in the Open Division (to ourselves) with some competitive, but good natured, racing when we raced each other. And a Third Place with our Regular Division. Sunday was not quite as smooth a ride, but was still a good day. Although all three teams had a sprinkling of NF's today for various reasons here and there, each team still managed a respectable amount of points. Great job everyone!


Annie 7/11 5.245 5.480 880
Bizzi 7 4.989 5.096 0.035 0.165 125
Caynaa 7 4.351 4.519 0.022 0.081 425
Charlie 11 6.354 6.614 750
Duffie 7 5.884 6.346 356
Flye 11 4.218 4.426 0.005 0.086 750
Gus 7 4.678 4.993 936
Kessie 7 4.374 4.753
Kessie 11 4.448 4.772 1106
Misty 7 4.533 4.811 0.002 0.054 872
Moose 7 6.024 6.308 667
Roxy 7 5.925 6.254 311
Tammie 7 6.141 6.467 755
Tara 7 5.135 5.565 755