Just wanted to thank a few people for their part in a great weekend of racing.  First Dee and Twig, Marsha and Tammie for being with us this weekend on the open teams.  Two great little dogs that we enjoy racing with.
Second, thanks to Nanci for cooking and serving up some very good hamburgers and baked potato salad.  Makes for a great weekend. 
This weekend was one of the better Durham's we have had in a long time.  Congratulations Koda and Sue FDCH-G, Roxy and Nanci FDCH-G.  On Sat. both Full Throttle and Hair Force Resv. finished first.  Flyers finished out of the top 3, but being thrown in with 18.5 second teams.  On Sun Full Throttle and Hair Force Reserve finished first again and Flyers got a 2nd in their divisions.  Not bad, basically took the top spots away from DGF which really did not make them a bit happy.
Also wanted to thank Scott for bringing Deacon out on Sat to expose him to what we all love.  They both seem to have a good time.  Won't be long before he will make his d├ębute.
We had some good racing with some of the strongest times coming in from Full Throttle.  20.329 on Sat. Think that is one of the fastest times we have turned in.  All the teams did well in the points dept, which you will find at the bottom of this note.
Lastly a big Thank You! to all of you for a great weekend of racing.  Bizzi was so happy to be back racing, and hopefully by Aug he will be running full time again and be back in racing trim.  Kessie made a lot of progress this weekend during warm-ups on Sun and hope to be able to build on that so that she will be racing before too long.  Despite the warm temperatures and high humidity on Sun it was a perfect weekend.  Dogs, racing and good friends, what is better?