Saturday from Sharon:
Just a short report about today's races. Both teams finished in second place in their divisions. Flyers had 100% on their completion of heats. All but 2 heats were under 24 seconds. Not too shabby. Throttle had 3 NF's with all other heats finished under 24 seconds. Both teams did really well.
Donna when you get the stats back the first 3 heats of race 4 were without timing lights. So the individual times were just added as each dog ran. We have become very spoiled with the timed lightes.
Caynaa 425
Tara 425
Moose 425
Kessie 425
Flye 456
Gus 456
Charlie 456
Misty 456

Sunday from Cathy:

Hope everyone arrived home safely last night. We all enjoyed a good day of racing yesterday and while there weren't as many completed heats as there were on Saturday, both teams ended up with a respectable number of points. The Flyers especially enjoyed some very competitive racing and actually tied Blue Ridge Blast in one heat of the last race. They lost the tie-breaker d/t a bobble but really, it could have gone either way. The food was wonderful (especially the hamburgers!) and the rain held off until it was time to drive home. All in all it was a good day. Thanks everyone for all your help!
Donna and Annie, you were missed!!

Points are below:

Caynaa 351
Charlie 382
Flye 382
Gus 508
Misty 382
Moose 351
Roxy 150
Sydney 100
Tara 326