Day 1-
 Had a great day of racing.  Wish you all could have joined us.
Flyers got first place and Full Throttle placed 3rd.  Flyer's best time was a 20.694.  Gal has become very comfortable and is doing a great job.
Thottle is doing fine also, best  time was a 21.319.  Hard to win races when your opponets are running in the 20.'s, but they are doing well.
Just too windy today.  Couple times I thought we would be blown away.  Having a great time.  Hope you all had good luck in Concord.


Made it home safe and sound.  Dogs were so happy to get out of their crates and made laps around the house to stretch their legs.  Hope everyone else made it home safely too.
First I want to thank everyone for a great weekend of racing.
And a big thank you to Dee and Twig for being a very solid dependable height dog.  We love you both.  The only thing lacking was the rest of you that were not there to enjoy the racing and good company.
Today was a repeat of yesterday as far as placings go.  Flyers place first and Throttle was 3rd.  Congratulations to Lynn and Gal FDCh title, Darlene and Lee and Gus for FMCH and our big surprise of the weekend was Moose earning her FD title.
The weather was beautiful much better then yesterday.  We got informed that Amanda would not be at the tournament today because Kohl was about to have her puppies so that left Geoff to take care of it all.  Also they pulled their R-2 team so that left Flyers with only GDG to run against and it was a green team so we basically walked over them turning in some times that were close to the breakout of 20.3.  I believe today we had a 20.5 and that was with me holding Kessie.  I am sure we could have easily broken out.  Since we would run unopposed in half our races we gave Moose the biggest part of warmups.  After lunch we decided to try a heat or two since she was showing such solid performance in her warm ups. So a quick call to Donna to make sure it would be fine with her we went forward.  And wha la a new height dog is born.  She looked like she had been doing this for years.  She ran all 3 heats and did it perfectly well.  We had a couple problems in two of the heats with other dogs but not Moose she was perfect.  So the last race of the day we ran her again.  Again it was perfect.  This was the best senario to introducing her to racing.  No distractions.  Thanks to Lindsey for running her and everyone else who helped make this a good start to a long career for a very nice little dog.  I know Susan was thrilled.

Dog Best start Avg Start Best time Avg time
Flye   7" 0.087 0.121 4.162 4.284
Flye  10" 0.004 0.102 4.097 4.246
Gal  7" 5.104 N/A
Gal  10" 5.006 5.324
Charlie  7" 6.144 6.38
Charlie  10" 5.677 6.548
Kessie  7" 4.931 5.374
Kessie  10" 4.398 4.755
Moose 6.047 7.834
Caynaa 0.04 0.158 4.568 5.308
Gus 4.667 5.027
Tara 5.35 5.618
Twig 5.151 5.867
Sydney 0.047 0.33 5.213 5.384
Maddie 5.212 5.498