Hi! Yes, the team did really well at florence! The weather on Saturday was beautiful and warm and perfect temps for the dogs. Sunday was rainy and a lot cooler, but still nice temps to the dogs. It was fun to be so comfortable with our time. All the dogs were running fast and well. Caynaa didn't seem to care about those higher jumps - she turned in several 4.5s and 4.6s. Ri-Ra and Gus were under 5 a LOT. And Gal seemed to have a much better time playing this weekend than she has the last couple of tournaments. She only had a mishap/breakdown the last race on saturday where she just didn't play. we dont know why... luckily it was a 3/3 and the last race, so it wasn't a big deal. I think everyone canine and dog alike are entitled to their moments.

Mike and I had a lot of drama surrounding the weekend, and due to the threatening weather, we had to leave early on Sunday, so we did not see the awards. BUT we did stay through the last race, and as of then, we were in a commanding lead for first place. I think we won every race we ran clean, and there were only 8 heats we didn't run clean! my calculations had our team earning 785 points out of 975 - a good weekend! We ran 20.X and 20.0X many if not most heats. And ran 19s a couple times. I think our fastest was 19.6 with a break out of 19.5.

Lee did a great job serving as captain - very efficient. And Mike and i gave him an excellent test on Sunday morning when we ran into the building in the middle of warmups. Lee was totally calm and had it all worked out - so we ruined his back up plans when we got there in the nick of time

Moose was running on a green team for Heads or Tails. She was running excellent! Their team was doing well too, just 5 points at a time. So we decided on Sunday to run Moose on our team for a couple of heats... and Susan was going to run her! With Darlenes help, we put Moose second into our line up behind Caynaa. Susan successfully ran Moose! It was speciial. They both did really well. I believe with a bit more practice, that could be the norm again.

For Mike and I, this was a roller coaster tournament. Not having anything to do with the actual racing at all!! Thursday night, Mikes dad was rushed to emergency surgery for a bowel obstruction and possible dead bowel. We're not going to florence. Surgery goes well, he's going to be in hospital for several days. No dead bowel, but severe obstruction and removal of a small portion as a precaution. Since hes doing well, we are going to florence. But what about Anna? Hospitals aren't fun for 2 year olds. We'll take her. Friday, snow threat for Winston. we're not going to florence. friday afternoon, threat lessened. I am going to florence, Mike is not. What about Anna? Friday evening, threat lessened more. We are going to florence and taking our chances. If mike has to leave, i'll bum a ride. What about Anna!? Friday night, 9 pm. Mike and I are going to Florence. we'll drive anna to my mom in Wilson. what's that noise the van's making? Oh well. 5 am we leave wilson for florence. 510, stop to see that the tires are okay... what's that noise!? Oh well, gotta get to florence. On saturday, when we were heading back to the hotel, the noise is way worse. It feels and sounds like you're driving on the rumble strips on a highway. except every once in a while there is screeching. Thinking it may be a wheel bearing, we start thinking we may not beable to drive it home. Our mechanic is in the hospital so can't call him. we call mike's mechanic from work and try to describe a sound and say "are we safe to drive home?" Chris does not want to make that determination based on "it's making noise..." He said to check the wheels again... maybe there's something stuck, or you lost a balace from the rim... he says to try to shake the tire by hand. it should not move! We get to the hotel and mike starts going through the motions. HOLY CRAP. Passanger side front tire is missing 2 lug nuts, 2 more lug nuts are removable by hand, and the remaining lug nut is removed with a very light touch from the wrench. NOT GOOD. Scary. Wonder who i pissed off enough that they tried to kill me!? Anyway, Lynn took me to Advance to buy new lug nuts and all 20 are tightened as much as humanly possible. No more noise, no more shaking, no more chance of tires flying off... scary scary. SO at the end of our rollar coaster ride, we left sunday after FIF's last race and came back to greensboro, where mike switched travel bags and headed out to Winston salem to work all night. I was left home alone with no husband, no kids, and 2 sleepy dogs. I can't remember the last time i had the place to myself. I took a long hot dark shower without a 2 year old, and watch non-animated television, and ate popcorn i didnt have to share! HAHA! My rollar coster ended at the top of the hill!
So long long lon story not so short, FIF represented well this weekend! First Place seeded at 20.5, lots of points and clean racing. We were also represented as the intellectual team when at one point we were all kicked back with good book!
OH YEAH! AND, Caynaa and I were on the front page of the local regional section of the paper as well as interviewed on the Florence morning news. Represent!


Here's the stats for Florence. Listed by dog, best time, average time, (best start and average start if applicable), points:

Caynaa, 4.501, 4.768, .018, .128, 760 points
Gus, 4.780, 5.252, 585 points
Gal, 5.097, 5.471, 760 points
Ri-Ra, 4.641, 4.901, 760 points
Sydney, 6.319, 6.685, 175 points
Moose, no data available