Hope everyone made it home safely. This turned out to be a very good tournament. The site was really nice and Dennis plans on using it again next year plus adding a second tournament. He was so lucky to get this facility in such short notice. Everyone seemed to have liked it and were remarking that they would be back next year.
FIF did pretty well. Full Throttle won all their races today with the exception of one we tied DGF and one loss, resulting in First place. Flyers did not fair as well and ended up in 4th. We had a new title in Brie running to earn 25 points and her FD. Becky and Cathy both had perfect starts and were given a framed picture of their dogs. Nice jester on MFF's part.
One of the highlights of the tournament was the raffle. Lynn won the prize she wanted and Dave and Becky walked away with the 42" plazma television. We all offered to take it home for them but they didn't bite. I think Duffie ended up riding home on Daves lap cause you can't lay that TV flat. I doubt that they have stopped smiling yet. Dave really wanted that tv since theirs is now around 9 years old, just a note they won that one too.
Anyway we all had a good time, the dogs raced their hearts out and left smiling. Yancee did well in warm ups. Was going to the box from the last jump and was only a little distracted one time yesterday, but today he was perfect. Brie was doing really well in warmups also and Nanci offered to let her take a couple heats. She ran Sat and today. Today was much better and earned her first title.

From Becky:

It did turn out to be a very good weekend! The Concord site works very well for flyball, glad to hear they will be back next year. There is plenty of room for an unlimited tournament, and we were on the smaller side of the building.

Congratulations to Cam and Brie on their FD! And Yancee was doing well in warmups also! I should also mention that Yancee did VERY well when the dog warming up on the other lane came over to visit him. They just sniffed noses and said "hi" before the other handler came over and whisked him away. Yancee kept on with his warmup without allowing the encounter to distract his attention.

Both teams had their share of issues, but overall performed well and everyone seemed to be having fun. There were a few bobbles from several dogs, including Misty who had one particularly spectacular one where the ball shot straight up in the air and she had no idea where it went, until it landed right in front of her. Flye seemed to do much better once she went back to her old squishy balls. Gal did very well, despite a few races of being certain that the stuffed crow (Halloween decoration) on the desk was really a chicken that needed catching. Moose ran very well also, despite being crossed on today by one of the dogs from the host team (not the same one that crossed on Misty at Raleigh). This time, the dog really did seem to be going for the ball. Moose kind of hesitated for a moment, then jumped in like she was saying "excuse me, coming through", grabbed her ball, and ran. The other dog was left standing at our box looking bewildered. The very next heat, it left the ring, circled around behind the boxes, and thought about coming back in on our side. Later on, another whippet crossed on Maddie, and she recovered well also. Overall, it did seem like the Max Fast green team dogs were starting to pull it together, so hopefully we won't have similar issues in future tournaments.

The ribbon and framed photo for Misty's perfect start were very nice touches, and winning the big raffle was icing on the cake. Max Fast does do a good job putting on a tournament, and we hope that the next one doesn't conflict with anything so we can go. BTW, we are pretty certain that if we had taken the RV, we would NOT have won the big prize...it would have been very easy to fit it in there! Getting it in the SUV required complete disassembling and repacking. Sharon is correct, Duffie did live up to his name and ride home on Dave's lap! The new TV looks great in the living room - it would have been a bit big for the RV (sorry Laura!). We certainly had plenty of offers to take it home for us, and not all from our team either!

Nanci even managed to make some chili for today, and the chickens she brought were very good for dinner tonight.

Thanks everyone for a fun weekend!!