Hope everyone made it home safely.  Okay, where do I start.  This has been an interesting weekend to say the least.  First the weather turned out to be pretty decent.  The ground was really soft and lots of areas that you just did not want to walk in.  Our normal tenting area was really muddy so we moved a little to the left near the electric pole.  Our condo was up and heated and very comfortable.  We kept the heat on most of Sat and this morning to take the chill off.  The food was really delicious, soup and grilled cheese thanks to our favorite chef Nanci.  Thanks for all you do, it is so nice to have a hot meal on a cool day.  Thanks to Mike, Cam and Dave for boxloading and keeping up with all the changes we went through over the course of the two days.  And a very special Thanks to everyone on the team.  Adjustments had to be made and a lot of points lost but the understanding on this team is outstanding.  You could not ask for a better group of people to run with.
Before I get to far into my scenario of what happened let me Congratulate Duffie and Dave for earning their FDCh-G.  And a big, big Congratulations to Becky and Sampsyn who earned a whole 55 points to earn his FD.  He is a little dog with a big attitude.  Flyers placed second, Hair Force Res. was second and Full Throttle placed 3rd.  Believe me those placings were like winning.
One of the low points this weekend was after we had all gone to Ruby Tuesdays for dinner Sat night, Cam was in a car accident crossing the 4 lane road going from the shopping center over to the Red Roof.  Stephanie has a sore shoulder and Cam is fine other then a little mentally stressed over the whole accident.  But they are both okay along with her dogs and that is what is most important.
Things started a little rocky on Sat morning when our open team Full Throttle met our new little height dog Luke.  He was very uncomfortable with all these new dogs and dropped his ball.  My only fear with Kessie this past weekend was that someone would drop a ball in the lane and we all know she has to have every ball in sight.  3 out of the 5 heats were very good, Kessie did well.  Our second race I pulled her after the second heat as now balls were being dropped in the lane and all I could see what all that work out the window, so Willow took over.
It was better but Lindsey was concerned with Caynaa as she just did not seem herself and was really not interested in playing like she usually does.  We ended up changing dogs around trying to get the right combo.  Tara also was not really happy and it just made for some unhappy handlers trying to figure out what was wrong.
Second team goes in with Nut.  Things are better, but Jake stops at the fourth jump coming back, he is limping.  So Nanci take him out RiRa comes in while she goes for Roxy.  Now we have Flye, Koda, Ri-Ra, and Nut, great heat 20.4 oops break out was 21.0.  Roxy comes in and things are better and she does well.  A very good lineup. And today with Flye, Koda, Roxy and Nut second breakout.  Now it was time to have Cathy hold Flye a little to make sure it won't happen again.  That worked, no more breakouts.  We all agree Nut is a good dog for our team.
Flyers had very few mistakes, and won most of their races earning some really good points.  And they finished 2nd.  That was so nice.
During the day, the warm-ups seem to get shorter and shorter each time we went in.  Sampsyn only got to warm-up one time.  When we went in for our 4th and final race for his team we all went in with the idea that Sampsyn was going to get as much time as possible.  He got in about 3 full runs and looked great, I asked Becky to run him the 1st heat and Luke stepped out.  Sampsyn was perfect.  So he stayed in for all 5 heats, times were slow but that team got 40 whole points to give him his first title. Over night I made the decision that Sampsyn would run all their races on Sunday with some conditions.  Tara would not be running, and I had pulled Kessie, so we would either run just 3 dogs only or 3 dogs and control when Sampsyn would run with everyone agreeing to sacrifice the points.  It worked well.  His first race he ran like a champ.  Second race, first heat was good, but second he found a white poodle to chase, so Becky held him until the other team was done racing and he had the whole lane to himself.  That worked well.  He even turned in a 5.7.  He got some good experience without causing any problems for him.  Gotta protect those new height dogs.
We had a problem with one of the apprentice judges Mike Smith from Fla.  We were racing, making Sampsyn's d├ębuted in 109, and race 113 came up on the other side while we were racing.  Long story short, they would not give us warm-up time, because we were late, 4 races late.  After explaining to the supervising judge and Amanda, we went on to race.  Today John the supervising judge stopped to talk to me and apologized for what happened.  Guess after Nanci got done with Amanda this morning things were a little more clear on their part.
Over all we had a good weekend, despite the problems.  It seems trouble likes to follow us around and the only way we beat it is to keep fighting.  No one or nothing will keep this team down.  Sorry this was so long, but lot's stuff happened, so if you want more details we will see you at the Christmas Party Friday night at 7:30.