Thanks everyone for a GREAT weekend of fun and flyball. I am very proud to be part of such a good group of people. Depsite being two dogs down, one who wasn't feeling well, the heat taking it's toll on dogs, and the many lineup shuffles, you all were a patient and adaptable team. Two of the teams were a bit short in the points department, but the dogs are still happy and tired. So thanks to EVERYONE for making this an enjoyable tournament. I also want to thank everyone for pitching in and helping wherever needed, from warmups, to start times, to anything else. I never needed to worry about having the jobs filled.

Special thanks to Nanci for the great barbecue spread. As usual, it was delicious. Thanks to Dee for loaning us Twig. We always enjoy racing with you. Thanks to Darlene and Lee for joining us this weekend with Sydney and Gus. Their team was a bit skimpy in the points department, but it was fun nonetheless. We all had our share of bobbles, messups, and mishaps....if only we could have made them all in the same heats :-) We look forward to racing with you guys again.

Congratulations to Sampsyn and Maddie on their FDCH-Silvers. Both of these dogs are looking fabulous. And although no title was earned, congrats to Sharon and Kessie, who looked awesome all weekend. She's turning into a great flyball dog. Thanks to those dogs who ran more than fulltime, RiRa and Misty, and made it possible for the rest of us to maximize our points, and to the others who also had to step in with extra heats.