Thanks to everyone for making the trek to Raleigh this weekend. This is the tournament where we usually have every active dog on the team choose to participate and this weekend was no exception. We were busy, busy, busy with four teams. A HUGE thanks to everyone for pitching in. It went fairly smoothly with so many helping hands, even when we had to do multiple jump height sets for warmups. Thanks to Nanci for the wonderful lunch spread both days. It was perfect. I thought we might have to set up a guard to keep other teams away from our table.

This tournament I'm reminded that we have much to be grateful for. We have a great team-made up of a great group of individuals. I enjoy spending my weekends with you, playing a game that my dog enjoys. And it's the people who share this with me that make it as enjoyable as it it. It was a year ago, this tournament, that Lee and Darlene ran with First in Flight for the first time. They went home with less than 300 points a dog, but apparently saw something in the rest of us that they liked. They became members of our team less than 60 days later and I hope they've had no regrets, because we certainly don't. Happy anniversary to Darlene and Lee, and Sydney and Gus. All of you are important to us.

Congratulations to our title winners this time around:
Sampsyn and Becky earned their FM
Maddie and Stephanie earned their FM
and Moose and Mike earned their FDX (Mike did a great job handling Moose. She is still very much a green dog but is making great progress. She is going to be a fabulous height dog one day soon.)

First In Flight set a new Multibreed Record on Saturday with a 19.841 (this is currenly our best time to date for all divisions). I've made it no secret that this was my goal this weekend, and I appreciate everyone pushing the limits to get us there: Caynaa and Lindsey, Sampsyn and Becky, Annie, and Kessie and Sharon. It was a lot of fun making this happen.

We also had a couple of new personal best times with a 4.296 for Caynaa and a 4.948 for Annie.

I'd also like to take just a moment to recognize the dogs on this team who suddenly found themselves running with 14 inch hurdles of Saturday. It must have looked like a sheer wall after jumping 8 inches, but after a couple of heats they adjusted like pros. We managed to measure down to 13 inches on Sunday, but that's still a mighty big jump. Caynaa, Annie, Gus, and Kessie ran like it was usual business. I was very proud of all four dogs.

Thanks to the dogs and handlers who picked up extra heats while we adjusted for all of this. Ri-Ra ended up with 60 heats. It seemed she was constantly in the ring on Sunday. Bizzi and Gus picked up the remainder.

My sympathies are with Becky and Sampsyn too. I know how frustrating it is to find yourself with a sudden issue that can't be fixed at the tournament. Sampsyn had a scare on Saturday with a new box judge. Even after much coaxing and work, we decided it just could not be fixed there and made the decision to pull him. I know Becky feels bad about it, especially with Sampsyn being our only height dog, but I want you to know that we ALL understand. Sometimes things happen. It's not Sampsyn's fault or yours. And we will get it fixed and I don't think it will take long. I already have a game plan for you.

Annie 8 4.948 5.303  
Annie 13/14 5.751 6.023 630
Bizzi 7s 4.956 5.212 0.021 0.276 305
Caynaa 8s 4.296 4.555      
Caynaa 13/14s 4.813 5.091 0.007 0.137 630
Charlie 10/11 6.224 6.438 706
Duffie 7 5.602 6.372  
Duffie 10/11 5.922 6.516 727
Flye 10s 4.220 4.360      
Flye 7s 4.230 4.318 0.000 0.100 678
Gal 10 5.013 5.380 728
Gus 7 4.771 5.116 560
Gus 13/14 5.202 5.471 305
Kessie 8 4.339 4.650  
Kessie 13/14 4.978 5.311 630
Maddie 10 5.447 5.795  
Maddie 7 5.553 5.806 678
Misty 10/11s 4.567 4.815 0.020 0.067 756
Moose 7 5.671 5.795 200
Ri-Ra 7s 4.463 4.798 0.020 0.142 615
Ri-Ra 11 4.643 5.102 556
Roxy 10 6.124 6.314 326
Sampsyn 8 5.611 5.790 325
Sydney 7 5.247 5.711 740
Tammie 7 6.193 6.641 740
Tara 10/11 5.107 5.433 381