What a GREAT weekend! Thanks to everyone for making it so. The weather was beautiful! This was a good site, plenty of crating space, fabulous racing, and good company with friends. We missed everyone who couldn't make it. Hope your weekends were enjoyable and successful as well. Nanci, we hope your are feeling much better.

Both our Regular Division and Open teams did very well!

Our regular division team made a foray into division one and didn't do too shabby at all! This division had 5 teams, and we pulled off a very respectable third place finish. We had several comments on this team, so people took note of our presence there. The team averaged 19.445 and set a new best regular division and team time of 18.755. Great effort and teamwork from all the dogs and handlers on this team contributed to its success: Flye, Caynaa, Gal, Ri-Ra, and Kessie were a thrill to watch. Every handler put forth their best efforts, enthusiam, and skills and it paid off. Thanks to each one of you for pushing the limits every heat and doing so with a smile. Special thanks to boxloader Stephanie for doing such a great job as well. Thanks to Tracy for videotaping. Hopefully we can post this to our website soon.

The Open team was in a division with a pretty large spread in seed times, but it too managed to pull off a third place finish. Great racing and handling from everyone as the dogs gave it their all and racked up some points. The dogs that ran all the heats solely on this team pulled in 906 points each. Special thanks to Mike for your flawless-as-usual boxloading.

Special congratulations to the following:
Gal and Lynn on her FM
Annie on her FMX
Flye and Cathy on her perfect start-I believe you had one in the last tournament too-you know we're going to come to expect this.

Annie 7 4.911 5.406
Caynaa 7 4.329 4.548 0.010 0.103
Caynaa 10 4.316 4.590 0.016 0.092
Flye 10 4.057 4.205 0.000 0.064
Gal 10 5.066 5.425
Kessie 10 4.390 4.668
Maddie 7 5.087 5.529
Ri-Ra 7 4.611 4.659 0.056 0.131
Ri-Ra 10 4.877 5.062
Tammie 7 6.171 6.541