Our trip to Wilson this past weekend was quite an adventure. We arrived at the tournament venue, the Wilson Fairgrounds, in the late afternoon. It was a beautiful evening and we were able to put up tents, explore the racing building and surrounding territory and get in some Friday night racing. Everything was fine until Willow paid a visit to Harrison in the roomy enclosure that Cam had erected for him. For a few brief moments the two of them were fine and then Harrison decided he'd really rather not have any company. After a dramatic altercation between the two, Willow was whisked off to the emergency vet by Cam and Cathy. The vet determined that no permanent damage was done and no stitches were necessary, dispensed an antibiotic and sent us on our way. We decided that we were done with incidents for this tournament and started looking forward to Saturday!

Saturday morning dawned very cool but the day warmed up quickly. Before it was over, between the two teams, we had competed in eleven races, running the equivalent of more than fifty heats. Both teams had their challenges during the day; both had some trouble staying under 24 seconds but with adjustments managed to accumulate points nonetheless. Caynaa and Duffie even got in a serendipitous play session before their last race, which ultimately resulted in some racing time for Sampsyn when Caynaa subsequently found she was too tired to run all the heats! After racing was over we all assembled at Parker's Barbeque for a delicious dinner.

Sunday started out sunny but clouds soon rolled in ahead of the approaching rain. With a much lighter racing schedule, cooler temps and an adjusted lineup for the Flyers, Sunday was a more relaxed racing day for everyone. And in the end we placed with both teams; Flyers came in second and Full Throttle, third.

Thank you to everybody for a fun weekend. It had its controversial aspects, but we'll save that discussion for later. Thanks especially to Nanci for the delicious lunch as always, to Lindsey for encouraging us to attend this tournament, to Becky for running Misty as anchor, to Marsha for finding some "Red Oil" for Willow's wounds, to Tim, Marsha and Tammie for playing with us this weekend and to everyone else for all the things you did to help out that I'm not even aware of. Oh and thanks, too, to Lindsey, Mike and family for bringing Anna to visit; we are always happy to see that baby!