Hey Guys!  Just wanted to let you know how the weekend went.  It went really well!  Caynaa did fabulously being thrown in with dogs and people she had never met.  Libby passed her without incident.  It was wonderfly releiving for me.  I can't give you exact stats to use for Caynaa because, with trading workers, we didn't get all our races statted, but I can tell you her fastest time was a 4.467 (WOO HOO!!) with several 4.5s and 4.6s.  Mostly she ran 4.7s and 4.8s with only a couple 5.0s and 5.1s.  I know there was one 5.3, but i'm not sure what the incident was that made it that.  I am pretty positive her average was under 5.  (Donna I can give you an average of the races that were stated for your records if you want.)  We ended up with 3rd place and 750 points  - and that was with sacraficing a few heats to an older dog and greener dog who needed to feel like they were doing something.  We knew making time with them may be hard, but after a near perfect day Saturday, it didn't feel like sacraficing at all. 
Donna, You were right about NRE.  We blended in with them like we'd been with them forever.  Nice team.  They've invited us to run with them in Blacksburg as well.  (Since Caynaa and Libby were a dream team, they will likely run together again.)  We aren't sure we are going yet, as we have a few other plans who's dates need to be checked.  But it was nice of them to offer.  
Anyway, I wanted to brag on Caynaa being quite a champ this weekend.  She didn't have a single mess up and rocked the time clock (for Caynaa anyway! :))  It was a great first time OPEN experience and we enjoyed it.  May people asked about you guys!  Our FIF presence was noticeably missed!  And of course we missed our team - and we didn't eat nearly as well! - but it was pretty good for a next best option.