Some of the best adventures in life are unplanned.  Those events, persons, and pets that unexpectedly cross one's path are often the most endearing and life changing.  Gus has been one big adventure.  Gus crossed Darlene's path one hot, summer day - well not exactly crossed our path but the metaphor is still valid.  As Darlene was driving home for lunch, she noticed a dog wandering around the construction zone for the new outer loop (I73) in Greensboro.  A bit of coaxing (a high squeaking rendition of "Puppy, puppy, puppy!") and he fell at her feet wanting his belly stroked.  He was without a collar or microchip.  He went unclaimed even though registered with the animal shelter as a found dog.  He was friendly, smart, and approximately one year old. 

The very evening he was found was our regular flyball practice.  We took him to see how he would react.  He went ballistic for the action in flyball.  We knew we hade a new team candidate.  Boy, does this dog have ball and frisbee drive -  he won't stop until he drops from exhaustion!  

We noticed his right rear leg kinda swung out when he ran.  A trip to the vet indicated: 1- he was healthy; 2- he is a lab mix (we think Pit Bull from the wide "squid tongue" when he pants heavily); 3- he has hip dysplasia.  The suggested course of treatment was hip replacement.  Given Gus's temperament and whole list of other qualities - we decided to replace his hip.  At Virginia Tech, veterinarians installed a titanium hip.  With a few months of recuperation Gus was ready to rock and roll - and boy did he.  He picked up his frisbee and fetching games, and began the process of learning Flyball.  By "process of learning" I mean he figured out the game in about a month and within three months he was running in tournaments.  Those of you who are participants in Region 9 flyball competition will recognize Gus by the unusual motivator - a cat-of-nine-tails like tug toy with 6 tennis balls on the end of each rope.  Gus comes racing back and latches onto the tug and is swung around 180 degrees; he then proceeds to gum the tennis blls until they are covered with frothy saliva - a flyball canine latte.  Gus is working towards his Onyx and having a blast along the way.

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