Bittersweet Kess, better known as Kessie, is a tri-color Border Collie born 9/04/2006.  Kessie has a rich background filled with some of the finest herding dogs in the herding world.  She is a little girl with a big heart and energy galore with a high ball drive.  Kessie started racing in 2008 and to date her fastest times are 4.393 over 11 inch jumps and 4.273 over 8 inch jumps.  Kessie has had an up and down start to her life.  As a puppy she lived with someone who totally misunderstood her.  A hard hand on a soft dog never works and Kessie found herself being given away to someone else.  Her new owner tried to do right by her and introduced her to flyball.  She found something she loved besides herding sheep.  But her life changed again with the change in her owners living situation.  Kessie could no longer live with him so a phone call to a team member and friend found Kessie in a new home.  And here she will remain.  She now has a home where she can play flyball and herd sheep.  She has brothers and sisters to play with that can keep up with her and plenty of room to run some of that energy off.  The sparkle in her eye has returned and she is totally happy.  She leaves the field after working her sheep with a smile on her face and on Friday night when she leaves flyball practice she is one happy little girl.  Kessie is enjoying life now the way a Border Collie should, plenty of love, tennis balls and sheep.

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