Hunt's Ketchup boy, better known as Ketch, is the most loveable boy you'd ever want to meet and gives lots of kisses whether you want them or not! He's also very un-terrier like and gets along with almost everyone on four legs. For those of you that own terriers you will know exactly what I mean ;0). His favorite game is flyball because he also gets to do another fun game he loves when he races and that's tug! Like lots of other members of the flyball community we chose to adopt instead of purchase a dog. We adopted Ketch at 18 months and are his 3rd and final home. He came to us from another flyball family that was unable to care for him at the time. He has been running with First In Flight since he was 18 months old and has accrued over 20,000 points racing. That's not a lot compared to some dogs, but he makes the most of every race he gets to run in, by being very reliable and as long as his human doesn't mess up he almost always gets lots of points but he plays for the love of the game and the toys! He's not the fastest, nor the tallest, nor the one with the most points, but he's just right as far as his family is concerned. He doesn't do too bad for an old man!

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