NATCH2 Heavensown Makin Mist-chief CD RE MX MXJ XF OAP OJP FGDCh-40K MBDCh-G IronDog S-EAC S-EJC S-ECC O-TN-E O-TG-E O-WV-E HP-O, better known as Misty, is a black tri-colored Australian Shepherd, born May 1, 2006. Misty started learning Flyball when she was about a year and a half old. When she found out there was a sport where dogs are actually encouraged to bark and go crazy, she was hooked! Misty ran in her first tournament after about 4 months of training, earning her FD and FDX that first time out. She had a few issues to work out, but she has a strong work ethic and has become a solid dog. Misty runs very consistently in start position, and occasionally runs anchor in some cases. Pretty much everyone knows when it’s her turn to run, as she practically screams when she’s going in to race! When she is not running Flyball, she is competing in NADAC Agility, chewing on her brothers Duffie and Sampsyn, or making sure all of her "pack" (including the cats) are nice and clean. Misty's most recent title is FGDCh.

Photo Curtosy of Irene Cotter of FurFetched Photos. 

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