Moose came to our house in December 2009 because Chip really wanted another JRT following the unexpected loss of Patches. This time, we decided to get one with a whole tail. Moose loves to cuddle! Under the blankes, on the sofa, in a chair, in bed, anywhere! Moose is also very food motivated and she's a fast learner! And she loves tennisballs!

Moose is a flyball natural and made her debut run at Durham Kennel Club in April 2011 earning her first points. She had had a little vomitting the week before the tournament and she threw up that night. But not much. I just thought it was all the excitement and too many treats. Or maybe she was allergic to cheese? After all, she had downed at least one whole cheese stick at practice. Maybe more! I got nausea meds from the vet, but something was still wrong. So 2 xrays, 1 ultrasound and finally endoscopy detected the wholly intact squishy ball! It didnt show up on xray or ultrasound because it had already absorbed so much stomach fluid that it looked like the surrounding tissue. The techs all really got a kick out of the Smiley face still visible! Needless to say, surgery, changing Moose's ball to a full sized hard ball she can't inhale, and a little retraining, and she was back in the racing lanes before no time! Moose was fully recovered and didn't seem to even know it happened! 

She returned to the racing lanes as a warm up dog - we wanted to be sure she was solid! - and in November, 2011, became an emergency time-and-a-half height dog when a series of unfortunate events left the club down several dogs.  Moose was on a roll, running perfectly all weekend and earning her next two titles.  Needless to say, we are pretty sure she will be full time from now on!  


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