Patches is a smooth coated Jack Russell Terrier born in May 1997.  Chip surprised me with this little puppy in July of 1997, after our 15+ year old Tippy, my 1st dog, a black cock-a-poo died of Cushings Disease. Patches started training flyball in August 2000 when she was 3 years old, & went to our 1st competition in November 2000, the Turkey Trot in Franklin,VA. We started with Triad Dog Sports. TDS used to be based in Guilford County. She used to run full double time as a height dog - full time on regular & full time on multi-breed. TDS always needed height dogs. Patches was never the fastest small dog, but she always seems to really like playing the game. She did not start out as dependable as she is now. We've had our share of missing balls, missing jumps, and chasing dogs on the other team.  Now most of the errors are early passes due to handler error! Bad Susan.  We started playing with FIF in 2004 or 2005 after TDS disbanded.

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