Retired Flyball Dogs

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 Retired Flyball Dogs


Border Collie

October 28, 2002

FGDCh - 37,241 Points

Iron Dog

 Bizzi Havin Fun, better known as Bizzi, is a black and white Border Collie born Oct 27, 2002.  Bizzi went to his first tournament in Jan 04 and earned his first titles.  This past May '09 he earned the title of Flyball Grand Champion (FGDCh).  His fastest time is 4.294 seconds and was earned this spring.  Bizzi has been ball crazy since he was a pup, and when he found out that there was a box that dispensed tennis balls he was hooked!  Now, if he could only figure out how to combine flyball with sheep herding he would be the happiest dog in the world!

After playing flyball for 10 years and earning his Iron Dog title I decided it was time for him to  retire.  Bizzi started playing flyball in Jan. 2003 in Raleigh at the Winter Wuffest, and, Jan 2013 in Raleigh at the Winter Wuffest he earned his last point.  What a better way to retire then at the place you started.  He has had 10 years of fun, competition, wonderful teammates and best of all that ball coming out of that wonderful box at the end of the lane.   So instead of running the lanes to get that ball, he will be a dog of leisure enjoying a daily game of ball at home with his canine family.




May 29, 2008

FM  - 8,981 Points 

 Ch. Kachina's Little White Lies is a fawn and white Whippet who is more commonly known as Maddie. Although Whippets are not retrievers by nature, Maddie has always been obsessed with playing ball. For this reason, I knew that she would make a fantastic Flyball dog. In January 2010, Maddie ran her first tournament in Durham and earned her first title. In addition to being a fantastic athelete, Maddie has also excelled in the beauty queen department. In June 2011, Maddie completed her AKC bench championship! Now that this goal has been attained, Maddie is finally able to devote the majority of her attention to the love of her life: the tennis ball. Her remaining energy is used up while being a complete diva as she effectively rules our household!

Unfortunatly, Maddie had to retire in January 2013 due to toe injuries suffered in the back yard chasing squirrels. She retires with her FM.



Australian Shepherd

July 28, 2006

ONYX - 20,000+ Points 

 Annie (RTCH Hunt’s Little Sure Shot ONYX; ASCA CDX, RTX, RS-O, JS-E, GS-O; AKC CDX, RE, OA, OAJ, NF, CGC; NADAC NAC, NJC, TN-N, WV-N) is a black-bi Australian Shepherd. She made her flyball debut in January 2010 and quickly became a solid and reliable team dog. Regardless of jump height, Annie’s averages run from the low 5’s to 5.5. She can run any position, pass any dog, and jump any height, and has on more than one occasion served as the height dog in a pinch, setting the jumps at 13 inches. Annie is also active in agility, rally, and obedience. She is a versatile, bright, and biddable dog, making training and competing an enjoyable pursuit. Annie can seem quite serious, but she has a fun-loving and comical side to her that is occasionally seen by those outside her family. A Velcro dog by nature, she does not like to be left behind or left out. When not working, she is quite content to be curled next to me or at my feet.




Black Lab

October 15, 2003

FMCh - 21,597 points 

 Some of the best adventures in life are unplanned.  Those events, persons, and pets that unexpectedly cross one's path are often the most endearing and life changing.  Gus has been one big adventure.  Gus crossed Darlene's path one hot, summer day - well not exactly crossed our path but the metaphor is still valid.  As Darlene was driving home for lunch, she noticed a dog wandering around the construction zone for the new outer loop (I73) in Greensboro.  A bit of coaxing (a high squeaking rendition of "Puppy, puppy, puppy!") and he fell at her feet wanting his belly stroked.  He was without a collar or microchip.  He went unclaimed even though registered with the animal shelter as a found dog.  He was friendly, smart, and approximately one year old. 

The very evening he was found was our regular flyball practice.  We took him to see how he would react.  He went ballistic for the action in flyball.  We knew we had a new team candidate.  Boy, does this dog have ball and frisbee drive -  he won't stop until he drops from exhaustion!  

We noticed his right rear leg kinda swung out when he ran.  A trip to the vet indicated: 1- he was healthy; 2- he is a lab mix (we think Pit Bull from the wide "squid tongue" when he pants heavily); 3- he has hip dyspepsia   The suggested course of treatment was hip replacement.  Given Gus's temperament and whole list of other qualities - we decided to replace his hip.  At Virginia Tech, veterinarians installed a titanium hip.  With a few months of recuperation Gus was ready to rock and roll - and boy did he.  He picked up his frisbee and fetching games, and began the process of learning Flyball.  By "process of learning" I mean he figured out the game in about a month and within three months he was running in tournaments.  Those of you who are participants in Region 9 flyball competition will recognize Gus by the unusual motivator - a cat-of-nine-tails like tug toy with 6 tennis balls on the end of each rope.  Gus comes racing back and latches onto the tug and is swung around 180 degrees; he then proceeds to gum the tennis blls until they are covered with frothy saliva - a flyball canine latte.  



Mixed Breed

 FGDCh - 31,762 Points



Jack Russel Terrier

11 years

Onyx - 21,433 points

 Hunt's Ketchup boy, better known as Ketch, is the most loveable boy you'd ever want to meet and gives lots of kisses whether you want them or not! He's also very un-terrier like and gets along with almost everyone on four legs. For those of you that own terriers you will know exactly what I mean ;0). His favorite game is flyball because he also gets to do another fun game he loves when he races and that's tug! Like lots of other members of the flyball community we chose to adopt instead of purchase a dog. We adopted Ketch at 18 months and are his 3rd and final home. He came to us from another flyball family that was unable to care for him at the time. He has been running with First In Flight since he was 18 months old and has accrued over 20,000 points racing. That's not a lot compared to some dogs, but he makes the most of every race he gets to run in, by being very reliable and as long as his human doesn't mess up he almost always gets lots of points but he plays for the love of the game and the toys! He's not the fastest, nor the tallest, nor the one with the most points, but he's just right as far as his family is concerned. He doesn't do too bad for an old man!



Black Labradore Retriever

6 years

FM - 8,898 Points


 Jake is a black lab born in October, 2005.  Jake was active in flyball for about 4 years, He started a little slow, as he thought it was easier to run outside the jumps rather than over them for quit awhile.  He soon become a solid dog on our team. He is definitely ball crazy. The first thing he would do when I would drag home from a weekend tournzment is hunt up a tennis ball for me to throw for him to retrieve.  Jake retired in early 2010 due to the flare up of an old injury he got as a pup.  Although he still enjoys a good game of fetch!



Australian Shepherd

5 years

FDCh-S -  2,792 points


 Koda is a 5yr old male Australian Shepherd that played flyball for about 2 years. Koda had a little bit of a rough start with flyball because he would rather bark at the dogs in the other lane than carry the ball. He ended up bringing the ball back consistently, but still found a dog to bark at every now and then. If only he could figure out how to bark with a ball in his mouth. Koda enjoyed playing flyball, but enjoyed having large open spaces to run in more.  That's why his family made the difficult decision to send Koda to live on a large farm with more than enough places to play.  We love Koda, and we know this was the better decision for him.



Australian Shepherd

March 14, 2005

FMX - 10,024 Points

 Hunt’s Little Ray O’Sunshine FMX, better known as Rosie, is an Australian Shepherd. She was born March 14, 2005. Rosie was all but feral, having been raised with virtually no human interaction and scrabbling for food among at least 30 other dogs living on the property. She was our “pity purchase”. She was the only dog that would willingly come out from under the house where they were living. We just couldn’t leave her behind. In addition, Rosie was born with no vision in her left eye, further hampering her social skills. She was, at times, literally afraid of shadows. Fearful, skittish, and reactive were appropriate adjectives to describe her.

We began flyball training as a way to develop Rosie’s confidence. I had no intentions of competing with her as I never thought it a real possibility. After several months, we began to see a change in Rosie. She was becoming more confident, less skittish, and more well-adjusted. So we began to think that maybe flyball competition was a possibility after all. Rosie made her debut in August 2006 in Blacksburg. She continued to play with enthusiasm and exuberance for the next four years. Rosie always had to run as anchor dog as she ran on the wrong side of the traffic pattern, skimming the edge of the jumps on her blind left side. We think she did this as it gave her a sense of where she was in the lane, by sight on her right side and by touch on her left side. Sometimes Rosie ran flawlessly for the whole weekend. And sometimes Rosie had a grand time, inventing her own rules to the game. Perseverance and patient teammates however, contributed to Rosie’s success in achieving 10,000 points and her FMX.

Rosie was retired in Blacksburg in November 2010 when she reached her FMX. Rosie has “Tigger Syndrome”. Sitting still is not one of her virtues, nor is staying on the ground. She loves to look you in the eye when she’s barking and playing. Unfortunately, unlike Tigger, she does not have springs or shock absorbers in her legs. The constant bouncing has done damage to many of her joints over the years and arthritis and its accompanying pain was already showing up at age 5. So we made the decision to retire her early.

Rosie is a happy, happy dog who loves life. Running, jumping, and barking are her favorite activities. It doesn’t matter what order they come in. Flyball was a great outlet for her energy. The sport and the people have helped her to develop the potential she should have had to start with as a baby. And although she can still be somewhat skittish and spooks easily at times, I’ve caught her actually soliciting attention from a person or two that she has learned she can trust over the years. We plan to find her some activities that will be less stressful on her joints, and she will continue to be the bouncy, barky, happy Rosie that we all know and love.




FMX - 10,000+ Points 

Tammie began flyball training in mid-2009 and entered her first race in January 2010.  As a true hound, she bounds over the jumps, snatches the ball, and runs back looking for a treat.  In contrast to her pet therapy and agility events,  Tammie gets revved up at flyball and puts on her “game bark” for all to hear.  Flyball is one way for this beagle to get her nose off the ground and run with the wind at her back.



Norwegian Bunhund

June 26, 2009

FDCh-S - 1000+ Points


Trollheimen’s Norse Ari, CGC, RE, GN, RATM, HCT-s, FDCh-S, & MBDX! Ari is a too-tall Norwegian Buhund, a northern breed, spitz and herding dog. Try training that combination. His flyball debut occurred at the DGF Winter Wuffest XIII 2014 in Raleigh where he was only scheduled to warm up, but ran in the last three heats of the day to earn 15 points (the first buhund in NAFA). Ari may not be fast but he plays well with others and makes a great back-up dog.  

An all-around farm dog, Ari excels at barn hunt and has started herding. He does obedience because mom wants him to, but prefers tracking and noseworks.

Ari retired from flyball in 2016 to focus on his preferred interests.


 Jomyr Summit SF Bee Mine CRX, OTR, SC, FMCh



June 15, 2004

FMCh - 16,052 Points

 Jomyr Summit SF Bee Mine CRX, OTR, SC, FMCh, better known as Tara, is a red and white Whippet who has been officially participating in Flyball tournaments since January of '08. Although it took Tara over two years of patient training before she fully grasped the concept of Flyball and gained her confidence, she eventually overcame her insecurities and is now a solid, reliable Flyball dog. She now loves everything about Flyball, but her most favorite thing to do is bark at her Border Collie friends! Before Tara began playing Flyball, she was involved in Whippet racing and lure coursing, and she earned several titles. Tara is also currently in training for obedience and rally and is considering agility training! I am very proud of my versatile girl!

Tara retired in 2014, although she still enjoys helping in team practices and with the class dogs on occasion.

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