Hunt's Little Ray O'Sunshine FM, better known as Rosie, is an Australian Shepherd. She competed in her first tournament in August 2006. She loves the flyball game and it is a great outlet for her endless enthusiasm and energy. Rosie is a happy dog who loves life. Running, jumping, and barking are her favorite activities, and when you add a ball to the mix, she couldn’t be happier. Rosie had a rough start in life. She was totally unsocialized as a puppy. In addition, she was born with no vision in her left eye. Flyball has helped her to develop confidence and she has grown from a puppy who was literally afraid of shadows, to a much more well-adjusted dog. Rosie must run anchor position as she runs on the wrong side of the traffic pattern and skims the edge of the jumps on her blind left side. We think she does this as it gives her a sense of where she is in the lane, by sight on her right side and by touch on her left side.

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