Sampsyn CGC NA NAJ NF FM MBDCh-G NAC O-NJC NCC S-TN-N S-TN-O TG-N WV-N is a cute little black tri-colored Toy Australian Shepherd born April 17, 2008. He started out with no interest in any sort of ball, but after lots of work by his first owners from FIF, he learned to enjoy chasing and retrieving a small tennis ball. Sampsyn came to live with us in August of 2009, and made his debut at DGF's Winter WufFest IX in January of 2010.  He really enjoys flyball, but he has had a few issues along the way, and he’s currently working his way back up to running as a full-time height dog again. His most recent title is FM, which he earned at DGF's "The FlyBall X".  Not to be out-done by his older brother and sister, Sampsyn also competes in NADAC agility.  His favorite class is Tunnelers, but he has been improving in all the other classes, too, and earned his Novice Versatility at our home trial in October of 2015.  In his spare time, he enjoys pretending he is a tiny Alpha over his brother Duffie; harassing his big sister, hero, and mentor, Misty, until she chases him down and "beats him up"; and wrestling with his favorite cat Howie, who gives as good as he gets.
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