Shelby 10-2011

These videos show two of the teams we had racing at the Shelby tournament in October 2011.   

This is the first time First in Flight decided to put together a Division 1 team.  We enjoyed the rush of really going for it in Raleigh and decided to do it again.  This team broke FIF's fasted time yet again and set a new record for our Regular time as well.  18.75 Seconds.

Flye - Border Collie/Whippet                              Gal - Puggle X                                                      Ri-Ra - Border Collie                                       Kessie - Border Collie 

The numbers seen in red behind the box loader are times.  The first time is the start time, followed by four times representing the speed of each of the four dogs.  The final time is the total time for the heat.

 Caynaa - Australian Cattle Dog                       Annie - Australian Shepherd                        Tammie - Beagle                                                 Maddie - Whippet

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