Sophie is a gregarious border collie whose ancestors on the sire side come from Wales and Scotland, and whose ancestors on the dam side come from Texas, Kansas and Idaho. She was born on January 22, 2006, probably with a ball in her mouth, and spent the first four years of her life with a family in Cooleemee. As if often the case with border collies, Sophie became “too much dog” as the owners grew older and less active. She found her way to us through our dog trainer, Jodi Oscar, who has convinced us that we would only be temporary foster parents. Although we tried to find a suitable home for Sophie, she settled in pretty quickly with the two Aussies. Whenever we talked about (or even thought about) sending her somewhere else, she would sit up and look straight at us with those wide eyes – one brown, the other blue – questioning us as to why she would need to leave. Needless to say, she wormed her way into our hearts and is still here. Gradually we have learned enough about the crazy ways of border collies to know how to keep her occupied and how to wear her out. She spends most of the day running back and forth along the fence, chasing after squirrels and protecting us from lawn mowers and leaf blowers. Luckily we all discovered flyball, which Sophie was born for. She is still a novice and has a hard time focusing on only her own ball. But she is getting the hang of the sport and loves the thrill and attention.

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