Jomyr Summit SF Bee Mine CRX, OTR, SC, FMCh, better known as Tara, is a red and white Whippet who has been officially participating in Flyball tournaments since January of '08. Although it took Tara over two years of patient training before she fully grasped the concept of Flyball and gained her confidence, she eventually overcame her insecurities and is now a solid, reliable Flyball dog. She now loves everything about Flyball, but her most favorite thing to do is bark at her Border Collie friends! Before Tara began playing Flyball, she was involved in Whippet racing and lure coursing, and she earned several titles. Tara is also currently in training for obedience and rally and is considering agility training! I am very proud of my versatile girl!

Tara retired in 2014, although she still enjoys helping out in team practices and with the class dogs on ocassion.  

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